Arya is a fresh new firm in business whose main concern is to flourish as one of the leading firms in its sector with the motto  that there’s  much more than you can imagine you can create with natural stones.

Our mission is to provide our customers with natural stones as a limitless and problem-free material category.

Responding to the demands with a range of products up to the standards demanded from Turkey with its experienced staff and inclusive quality control services , it is one of the accredited firms.

Arya is expanding  its range of product day by day with the materials supplied from various  mines and factories both in Turkey and some other countries.

Arya provides  also Turkish customers  with the export quality in the sector in accordance with its range of products.

It considers  travertine, marble, granite and all the natural stones as a natural miracle and markets them with this concept true to its motto.

Besides natural stone sales; glass, metal and our special product mirror mosaic are now available to the taste of our customers.